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       In 1998, a young 16 year old golfer, named Mike Harris, started working at Pro
Golf Discount in Charlotte, North Carolina. At the time the owner had 3 stores in the
Charlotte area. Starting in the back room as a part-time sales assistant, Mike began
his journey in the golf business. The first problem that he faced was approximately
100 pairs of golf shoes that needed to be sent back to the manufacturers for repair or
credit. The task seemed impossible, but Mike knew that if he could process 5-10
pairs per day, eventually he would not only clear up valuable stock room space, but
also generate thousands of dollars in credit for Pro Golf Discount.
       His effort was a success and his talents were recognized immediately. Those
golf shoes were collecting dust under a work bench for almost a year. During this
process, Mike developed a relationship with the manufacturers and going forward
discovered that his Return Authorizations were issued without question. The Pro Golf
Discount customers noticed the difference as well. Now, when a customer had an
issue that was under warranty, they knew they could count on the kid to handle it
promptly and professionally.
       Most afternoons Mike had the stock room organized and ready for the next day
with time to spare. This gave him the opportunity to work the sales floor and begin
his journey in customer service. There was a lot to learn in the beginning with
numerous product lines and constantly changing technologies. Mike would take

catalogs and brochures to study the product lines and gain an advantage on
the other sales associates. Back then, golf sales associates were paid commissions
and bonuses, so knowing your product ultimately earned you more money.
      At the time, Pro Golf Discount of Charlotte had never hired someone for full-time
sales without a college degree. But once again, Mike opened the door to a new era
at Pro Golf Discount.
"We had several employees with college degrees that
would rather watch Golf Channel all day than convince a customer to buy
some Wilson Fatshaft irons."
At 17 years old, he was awarded a full-time sales
position at the Independence Blvd store in Charlotte. He continued to grow his
customer relationships and developed an excellent rapport with the sales reps. This
combination gave Mike the confidence to meet and exceed his monthly goals and
gave proof that success in sales comes from 50% what you know and 50% who you
       In 2000, Mike decided to move to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and take a job
with TPC Myrtle Beach. A new facility at the time and the host of the Senior PGA
Tour Championship. This is where the BagDropBoy name was born. The
experiences at TPC Myrtle Beach were extremely valuable. Mike witnessed the
dynamic process of bringing a tournament from concept to reality and met some
amazing people along the way. At one point, even hitting a few shots for Jim Colbert
while working the range one day.
       The bottom line is, Mike Harris was born to be in the golf business. His
grandfather is the author of 40 Must Have Golf Tips, his dad has a passion for the
game of golf that is unmatched and since the age of 7 years old, Mike has played the
game of golf. He developed his game at Raintree Country Club in Charlotte, North
Carolina, earning a spot on his middle school and high school golf teams and won
the City Metro in a 3-hole playoff at the age of 15. is his passion now and with your support he can continue to
have success in the golf business and provide excellent value and customer service
to all that play the game.
"Long and straight, no three putts"
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